Glenn Overby II on 1 Jan 2002 03:34:14 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: My nweek3 votes

Wonko writes:

>>> Proposal 188/0:Currency: ABSTAIN
>>> Proposal 189/0:Proposal Awards: ABSTAIN
>>> Proposal 190/0:Sharing The Wealth: ABSTAIN
>>> Proposal 191/1:Victory by Monopoly: ABSTAIN
>Abstention doesn't exist yet. Won't these be counted as non-affirmative

Maybe yes, maybe no.  What they mean, literally, is that I have not yet decided to 
vote in favour or against.  I have the better part of three days to change my 
alleged mind.  :)


Glenn E. Overby II
Clinton Twp, MI


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