Josh Utterback on 31 Dec 2001 05:09:31 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Yet another form of bandwidth

Wonko wrote:

I amend my proposals entitled " The Many " to be the following:

<title> The Many </title>
If a rule entitled "Bandwidth Rationing" exists, amend its text to be the following !!!! delimited text. Otherwise, create a new rule entitled "Bandwidth Rationing" with that text.
At the beginning of each voting period, each player shall lose 7n-35 points, where n is the number of proposals e submitted which are on the current Ballot. If 7n-35 is less than zero, eir score shall remain the same. If e would lose more points than eir score, eir score becomes zero.
Alright, now you lose 7 points for each proposal beyond the fifth, and the !!!!'s delimit the right text.

Mmm, so by not making any proposals a player would gain 35 points ?? (or lose minus 35) You might want to take a second look at that.