Donald Whytock on 28 Dec 2001 01:18:36 -0000

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spoon-discuss: To Propose or Not To Propose?

I find myself with a minor ethical dilemma...

On the one hand, faced with a rule proposal or a rule change proposal that I see a hole in, my first instinct is to offer advice or commentary on how that hole can be plugged.

On the other hand, new rules or changes to rules that have holes in them are prime material for proposals in the next round.  A clear case regarding the hole will make it obvious that my hole-fixing proposals are good ideas, which will mean more points for me.

At what point do I decide whether my allegiance is to myself (and thus point gain), the sanctity of the game (and thus better rules), or the community of players (and thus working to prevent undue hardship)?

Rousseau would have a field day with Nomic.