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RE: spoon-discuss: Screw Coconuts

> Also, isn't the Crazy as a Coconut law paradoxical? If rule 235/0 had
> been created, this proposal would never have been issued, and so it
> have changed the rules, and proposal 235/0 would have been created, and
> proposal would have been issued, and so 235/0 wouldn't exist, etc.

No. I could just as easily propose to set the game to what it would have
been had no rule numbered 1723 ever been created; it's not paradoxical
because we're not actually meddling with time, just with the game, and the
creation of the proosal is not in any game-related way dependent on r235.
Sure, I wouldn't have done it if no r235 had been created, but I *could*

And no, no r235 has been created, but one will have been as of the 24th.

who doesn't actually have 577 points,

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