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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Proosal

> Would you amend the proposal to say that dimensions may be modified
> only as explicitly allowed by rules? It might not be necessary
> depending on what other proposals pass, but if it's not required, it
> can be removed later.
No, absolutely not. ;-) That's the case anyway, as changes to any Dimension
will be regulated by the rules, and therefore not changeable except by the
rules, by r18. I'm even planning to vote against p123, so I'm certainly not
going to a provision like that in my own proosal.

> Also I would suggest to add "Players start at the Origin" and remove
> the equivalent provision from the scoring rule. Or, because that might
> conflict with some dimensions, "All dimensions of new players are
> initially zero, unless otherwise declared by the rule that defines the
> dimension."
I wasn't sure if something like that (the second version) was needed... it
wouldn't hurt, though. Under consideration.


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