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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: reset proposal

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Rob Speer wrote:

> That would be a kinda nice system IF we were starting anew. If you'd
> merge the useful proposals from last week into it, I might consider it.

Since we've already gone to the trouble of trying to sort out the gaping
holes in my initial ruleset, I think we should just stick with it for now.

(Besides, I don't want to have to write *another* database system 'til at
least next week. :)

Though should there eventually be a "C Nomic" or something, yeah, I'd
definitely consider a nice simple ruleset like that.

Actually, that does bring up an interesting side notion - what about a
primarily Web-based Nomic? (instead of something like this, where the
nomic actually takes place on the mailing list and the Web site is really
just an archive/collection of historical stuff)

The discussion list is just for discussion, and the business list exists
only to receive automated mails sent by the Web site. (i.e. "A new
proposal is up for voting, visit nomic.net/~foo/blah to vote on it")

Players visit the site, log in, and can make proposals and vote there.
Instead of using a set week or nweek schedule, proposals are just open for
a flat period of, say, seven days from when they're proposed.


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