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RE: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: The future never happened

> No you don't. Rule changes are explicitly regulated, even before taking
> nweek 1 into account.

Yes, but
"No Calls for Judgement shall be made regarding any player actions
that have happened more than one nweek ago. Such actions shall always
be treated as if they had been legal".
So after 1 nweek has passed, anything that anyone does becomes legal. And
"No Calls for Judgement shall be made regarding any of the rules that
were in effect, or player actions that were performed, before the
voting results of the first voting period of this nomic were made
no one can make a CFJ on anyone's actions in nweek 1. So any actions anyone
took during nweek 1 become legal 1 nweek after they took place. The rules
implicitly permit me to change them, by making all my actions legal.

I don't think the score tinkerer thing worked (creating it worked, but its
actions aren't made legal by r129), but everything else that any player
attempted during nweek 1 is legal. Or at least will have been legal...


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