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spoon-discuss: Oh, wait... that's tomorrow


OK. All these changes to peoples' scores and names and so on are, I believe,
just as legal as the administrator recognising as proosals things which
clearly weren't - i.e., not at all legal (the things they attempted to
change are regulated by the rules) . I don't agree that the administrator
has any special ability to overturn the rules, or to act as a judicial
system. If we don't have a judicial system, we just don't have one.

The reason I attempted (it hasn't worked yet) to change my score (and Jesus'
name... my apologies if that caused any offence) was that if the proosals to
create a judicial system and to prohibit CFJs in the first NWeek pass, my
actions will become legal ("Such actions shall always be treated as if they
had been legal") after one NWeek.

I actually mistimed this - I mistakenly thought that voting came to an end
last night, not tonight, which wouldn't have left that much time for people
to change their votes on 117 to stop me (or from taking advantage of the
same loophole).

I change my vote on proposal 117 to No, and urge people to do the same.
Don't let THEM retroactively immanentize the eschaton!


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