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Re: spoon-discuss: what am I missing?

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001 00:21:33 +0000 (GMT), "David E. Smith" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Robin Lee Powell wrote:
>> Excellent.
>Yeah, 'cept I forgot to include a definition of what constitutes
>Rule 32/0: Proposal Passage
>A proposal passes if, and only if, it receives a majority of affirmative
>Okay, everything darn well better work now. :)

more redundancy\potential inconsistency:

*Rule 31/0:Voting
 To cast a vote, a Player must either submit eir vote to the Administrator or to
a Public Forum. Votes which are not publicly known shall not be revealed by the
Administrator until voting ends. Players may vote multiple times; the last vote
on any given issue shall be the one counted.
*Rule 30/0:Vote Counting
 Each Player may cast exactly one vote on each proposal on any given Ballot.

*Rule 20/0:Eligible Voters
 Each Player is eligible to vote on each issue on any given Ballot for the
duration of the voting for which the Ballot was issued. Only the last vote on
any given Motion, Proposal, or issue will be counted. Each Player may only cast
one vote on any given Proposal or Motion.

rule 31 and 20 both state that the last vote is the one counted, rule 30 and 31
both state the "one man one vote" thing

I also think that the sentance "Votes may only be cast during the Voting" should
be added to one of the above rules and rule 32 be amended to read "A proposal
passes if and only if, it has recived a majority of affirmative votes at the end
of the Voting. A proposal that does not pass has no effect"
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