Dan Waldron on 27 Oct 2000 05:23:32 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: new proposal: 100 points

> A few thoughts: you might want to replace "they" in the first sentence with 
> "e", and also capitalize the *special* rules-defined words, e.g. Player, 
> Points, etc.
> Also, you could avoid the need for an RFJ (which will surely be made almost 
> immediately if this passes) by adding to the prop a second section that 
> just adds 100 Points to everyone's then-current scores upon passage.

My interpretation of the rules is that an RFJ could not be used for that
purpose, that it is for judgement only on matters of the rules.  There
could be some kind of motion that would deal with that, however.

On that note, something I would like to do sometime is to get the score
calculations into the hands of another player.  Perhaps we could appoint
an officer who will track the scores and issue orders to Joel to change
them when nescessarry.  The format for those orders could probably be
automated fairly easily.  That way it's less work for our good Admin.