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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: proposal

Joel Uckelman sprach:
>Quoth Zagarna:
>> I propose the following rule:
>> <start proposal>
>> title: Motion to Remove Players
>> text: Any Agent qualified as a Player may cease to be one if a Motion to
>> Remove naming em is adopted. Motions to Remove are Privileged Motions. A
>> Motion to Remove is adopted if its passage ratio is at least two-thirds. 
>> The Motive Order corresponding to an adopted Motion to Remove directs
>> the Administrator to remove the named Agent from the Roster. 
>> <end proposal>
>> It seems we should get rid of all the people that are not actually
>> playing the game and keep getting nominated as judges.
>> Zagarna
>Hmm. I'm not sure that means they're not playing, (e.g. Remo). It may be 
>that they don't read their nomic mail more than every few days (unlike the 
>rest of us, who sit at our computers eagerly awaiting each and every new 

Some of us are just fucking busy. Try instituting a point penalty to
accompany recusal rather than, uh, booting our asses.


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