Harrison, Andrew on 25 Oct 2000 14:38:07 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Another proposal proposal

Here's another proposal I'm working on. It sets up the basics for a system
of ownership and trading. On it's own it doesn't do anything, it just
defines a framework for defining and trading in game objects. What do people

Proposal: Market Economy

Create a rule entitled 'Market Economy' with the following text:

"Agents within the game may have Objects associated with them such that the
Agent is said to own that Object. Agents may only own Objects that are
defined within the Ruleset. Agents may only gain ownership or lose ownership
of objects in the manner defined in the Ruleset. Agents may own more than
one of a specific type of object, unless prohibited elsewhere in the
Ruleset. Agents may not own a negative or non-integral number of a specific
type of object, unless allowed elsewhere in the Ruleset.

Agents may freely trade in Objects by mutual agreement, unless prohibited
elsewhere in the Ruleset. Objects that are not defined in the Ruleset may
not be traded. Agents may not trade Objects in return for a Game Action or
in return for the promise of a Game Action. [[eg. You can't offer a player
some Object in return for them voting 'yes' on your proposal.]]

All Players involved in a trade must submit the terms of the trade, or an
agreement to previously submitted terms, to a public forum. The trade is
deemed to occur when the Administrator (or other relevent Officer) publicly
Recognises the trade.

A trade must not occur if the resulting ownership of Objects produces an
illeagal or invalid game state, or if one of the Players involved in the
trade would win the game as a result of the trade.

Non-Player Agents may only participate in trades if it is specifically
allowed elsewhere in the Ruleset."

The Kid