Kieron Jarvis on 18 Oct 2000 03:35:47 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: incompatibility in judgements

> For this to happen it would have to be possible for revisions to be
> submitted after voting.  Under my proposal this is not possible.  The only
> regard in which this proposal system is any more flexible is that it
> forces the recognition of all revisions made up to the start of voting.
> <snip>
> My proposal would not allow the withdrawing or revising of proposals after
> voting starts unless they were submitted before the start of voting, in
> which case we would all be aware of them.  Without this amendment we
> cannot be sure of what we are voting on until the ballot is published, and
> maybe not even then.

I can't see where revisions are not possible after voting commences. I would
like to see revisions limited to the period before voting commences, but I
don't see it here. Maybe I'm missing something.