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spoon-discuss: incompatibility in judgements

it appears we have a problem:
Joel's judgment on RFJ 21 and my judgement on RFJ 20 contradict:

RFJ 20:Alterations to Active Proposals or Motions which are not recognised by
the start of an nweek's voting do not alter any Ballot Issues.

RFJ 21:Any post sent after an nweek's voting commences which purports to
recognise changes does not alter any Ballot Issues.

The reason behind this is the contradicting view Joel and myself have of the
definition of Ballot, Joel intends it as "the list of all ballot issues" while I
intend it as "the list of all Ballot issues posted by the administrator".

It seems to me we must let proposals clear things up.
this is my version, I'm posting it on the discusion list so that everyone can
express their opinion before I officially propose it.

so here it is:
_______________________start proposal_________________

1) amend Rule 201 : "The Ballot" to read in full: "The Administrator shall,
prior to the close of voting each nweek, distribute to all Players a list of all
Ballot Issues for that nweek, this list shall be known as 'the Ballot'."

2) amend Rule 202 : "Ballot Issues" to read in full:"The following become Ballot
Issues at the start of a nweek's voting: 
1. Proposals then active 
2. Motions requiring a vote introduced since the previous nweek's voting 
3. Elections to replace elected Officers whose terms expire that nweek 
4. Elections to fill vacant elected Offices

Proposals that are Ballot Issues may be altered after the start of the nweek's
voting but not if they are on that week's Ballot."

_______________________end proposal_____________________

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