Harrison, Andrew on 13 Oct 2000 14:03:04 -0000

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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Judment on RFJ 20

> From: zagarna [mailto:zagarna@xxxxxxxxx]
> In the matter:
> Alterations to Active Proposals or Motions which are not 
> recognised by the start
> of an nweek's voting do not alter any Ballot Issues.
> I rule:


> Judicial orders:
> 1) The administrator shall credit the player Zagarna 500 points.

Nice one. Unfortunately I don't think it'll work. Even though we've had a
previous RFJ where the judgement didn't agree with the ruling and still had
to be accepted, I don't think this is the same. While I'll agree that your
reasoning and judgement are impeccable, I don't think you can make a
judicial order like that.

Rule 214/0 : Judicial Orders 

A Judicial Order is an Order issued by a Judge or Appeals Court in
conjunction with eir Judicial duties. A Judge may, in the course of making a
Judgment, issue one or more Judicial Orders to bring the game state into
accord with the result of the Judgment.

So you are only allowed to issue Judicial Orders in order to 'bring the game
state into accord with the result of the Judgment', and I don't believe that
your order does this, and is therefore invalid.


The Kid