Adam Tomjack on 9 Oct 2000 05:46:55 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: RFJ on God

(Mon, 09 Oct 2000) Thus Spake Wbfu Xbegorva:
> Joel Uckelman sprach:
> >This is on the discussion list, so it won't be recognized. If it were, the
> >Judge would have reasonable grounds for dismissing it, I think, since it
> >doesn't address a game matter (that's not to say that God's propensity for
> >truth-telling wouldn't impact on the game, but that it's just not
> > addressed by the rules).
> More importantly, it's not decideable with the information at hand.
> Maybe God is quite svelte. We just don't know.
> Josh

I do run a great deal. ;-)

Adam Tomjack