Wbfu Xbegorva on 9 Oct 2000 02:12:07 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Judgement on RFJ13, continued...

Adam Tomjack sprach:
>(Sun, 08 Oct 2000) Thus Spake Adam Tomjack:
>> (Sun, 08 Oct 2000) Thus Spake Joel Uckelman:
>> > XnJester's RFJ of 6 Oct 2000 03:47:31:
>> >
>> > 13, God: Benjamin should not be listed on the Roster.
>> In the matter:
>> 	Benjamin should not be listed on the Roster.
>> I rule true.
>> In the message of Tue, 3 Oct 2000 00:18:00 -0500 (CDT) by the entity
>> Benjamin Bradley <activist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, I find the following text.
>> "I desire to be a player in this game of nomic. I wish to be known as
>> Benjamin."  Since Benjamin has declared eir desire to be a Player on a
>> public forum in accord with Rule 209 and Rule 112, e is a Player.
>> God
>I have made an error.
>The correct ruling is that the statement above is false.
>The statement "Benjamin should not be listed on the Roster" is false because 
>Benjamin is a player by my previous reasoning.  Since e is a Player, e should 
>be listed on the Roster.
>Based on this, by Rule 214, I make the Judical Order to the Administrator not 
>to remove Benjamin from the Roster.
>P.S.  Oops, sorry :(  

You've already made a judgement. The preceding is simply some other
hoo-ha that for some reason you posted to the list.


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