Joel Uckelman on 6 Oct 2000 06:17:00 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Proposal Numbering & withdrawal of Proposals.

Quoth "Kieron Jarvis":
> I was just looking at the Rules and found something interesting.
> It would appear that R220 doesn't require the Administrator to tell us what
> the Proposal number of a Proposal is.

I suppose maybe I'm not required by R220 to publicize the Proposal numbers, 
but I certainly intend to. The reason some Proposals haven't been assigned 
numbers yet is that I haven't gotten to them yet. And R207 could be 
construed to require me to do that anyway...

> It would also appear that R117 *requires* revisions to quote the original
> Proposal number. Therefore, if a revision is sent without a Proposal number
> (due to lack of knowledge of it's number or just slackness) then I assume it
> would create a new Proposal.

Hmm. I guess it would.

> I also wonder whether 'official recognition' from R220 prevents withdrawal
> of a Proposal before it's been numbered.

Probably, but my proposal for rescinding actions would allow it anyway.

> I bring this to your attention because I would prefer not to have to run off
> to the website (and hope it's available) to find out what number my Proposal
> is. Can we please have the Proposal numbers reported on the list ?  I also
> note that the only Proposals listed on the website are three of my typo
> fixing Proposals which I have attempted to withdraw already.

To explain:

What you're looking at is the Proposal Archive--withdrawn Proposals won't 
disappear from that. Instead, they'll be marked as withdrawn. If you want 
to see which Proposals are active, the Live Proposals page will serve you 
better (once it's up, of course). That the web site is several days behind 
the game reflects the fact that I've had to do a bunch of coding (because I 
didn't anticipate certain situations) instead of just entering the data, a 
situation which, w/r/t Proposals at least, should be remedied by 1pm 

> P301 is in the archive already. Does this mean that my withdrawal has taken
> effect or not ?  There's no notation on it to indicate that it has been
> withdrawn.

Yes and no. I have this big queue of actions right now that I'll probably 
recognize all at once. I believe the withdrawal of your proposals is among 
them. As I mentioned above, recognition should follow more quickly once I'm 
caught up.


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