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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Subliminal Proposal

"Harrison, Andrew" wrote:
> Most of the proposals etc so far seem to be about correcting spelling errors
> and discussion if X is a player or not. So, I thought I'd submit something
> *completely* different...
> Proposal: Subliminal Religious Indoctrination
> If at any time a Player submits a proposal which will cause the creation or
> alteration of a rule so that the rule would subsequently contain the text of
> one or more verses(*) from a Recognised Religious Text(**), then that Player
> shall secretly become a Humble Disciple.
>.....[rest snipped].......

Lol! and a very nice one too!
minor suggested correctons follow:
> If the proposal of a Humble Disciple is passed without the Humble Disciple
> being Accused of Heresy, then the Humble Disciple shall claim to have
> Preached to the Unbelievers and offer the proof. If their claim is accepted
> then they have Achieved Enlightenment and are blessed with 30 points.

Maybe it would be better to substitute "shall" with "may" and also
provide a time limit for the claim, this in case someone submits a
subliminal religious indoctrination without noticing.

> (**)Recognised Religious Texts at this time are:
> Christian Bible, New International Version.
> Christian Bible, King James Version.
> ISO/IEC 14882, Standard for the C++ Programming Language.

Lol again!
> --
> The Kid

you have my vote kid 


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