Gabriel Vistica on Sun, 8 Aug 2010 16:14:03 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Fix for mentor points confusion

I amend Proposal 2051 to read as follow:

The players commonly known by the names listed below are considered to not be 
     Rule -9999

No player may gain points as a result of any player becoming a non-newbie as a 
result of this proposal being passed.

Replace the text of Rule 69 in its entirety with the following text:
     A newbie is any Player who, in the last 15 nweeks, has been a player of B 
for a total of less than the number of ndays in 2 nweeks. For the purposes of 
this rule, being a Player for any amount of time in an nday is considered being 
a player for that entire nday. A newbie who has a Mentor is also known as that 
Mentor's Mentee. Mentees may only have one Mentor at a time.

     A Mentor is an active Player who responds to another Player's public 
request for a Mentor by publicly volunteering as that Player's Mentor. Newbies 
may not be Mentors. Mentors may only have one Mentee at a time.

     Mentees are encouraged to ask eir Mentor about anything relevant to the 
game. Mentors are encouraged to give useful advice to eir Mentee.

     If, at the time a Mentor's Mentee would cease to be a newbie, the Mentee is 
still playing and has gained points by some means other than a direct point 
transfer, the Mentor gains 5 points.

     If, at the time a Mentor's Mentee would cease to be a newbie, the Mentee is 
still playing, the Mentee gains 5 points. This gain occurs after the Mentor's 
point gain (if any such gain occurs).

     If no Player becomes a newbie's Mentor within 3 ndays of the newbie making 
a public request for a Mentor, then the newbie gains 5 points. A newbie may only 
gain points once in this way.

On an unrelated note, I gain 1 failure.

[[ Also, get ready to KILL! Or at least try to... :P ]]

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