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Re: [s-b] [Change] Ballot for Nweek 165

JamesB wrote:

> Also, in response to the votes against proposal 2022, I would like
> to point out that I wouldn't need to make proposals like that if
> more ministries were taken.

If the Ministry of Default is the only vacant ministry, then I
claim it.

Proposal:  Torch wood

[[ No one seems to actually be playing these subgames any more ]]

Repeal these Rules:
  31 (Gnomes and Gremlins)
  32 (The Griddler)
  61 (The Grid)
  62 (Weather)
  63 (Spaces)
  64 (Water, Water, Everywhre) [[ sic ]]
  65 (Gnomes)
  66 (Drinking Miscellanea)
  67 (Death)
  71 (The Telephone)

Amend Rule 17 (Voting) by removing the sentence "A Player may not vote
if e is Dead."

Amend Rule 49 (Dimensions) by removing sections B.6 (Entropy) and
B.7 (Blood Alcohol Content), and in section B.8 (Mischievousness)
removing the following items:
  * Buying a Big Rock
  * Buying a Big Rock which Garths a Brook
  * Throw any object
  * Throw any object at a player
  * Throw any object, causing a player other than themselves to lose
      points as a result
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