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[s-b] Some Proposals

I submit the following 5 proposals:

{{__Judicial Cleanup__

Destroy the proposal whose body reads {{Overturn CFI 105}}.

Add Murphy to the Upper House. [[I don't think there's enough activity to get the required support]]

Append the following to Rule 44:
{{A member of the Upper House that is On Leave does not count as a member of the Upper House for the purposes of selecting Judges and Appeals Courts.}}

This is Proposal 2014.

{{__Gremlin Cleanup__

[[This prevents Curt and Rod being resquared on the Grid before they have a chance to move and increases compatibility with section A.3 by only putting them on columns 1 and 20 when they are placed on the grid]]

Replace section B.3 of Rule 57 with the following:
{{There exist two gremlins, The Window Gremlin and The Other Window Gremlin, also known as Curt and Rod respectively. If a player inhabits the same square on The Grid as Curt or Rod, or is in Limbo with Curt or Rod, e may move directly to the other (known as "Climbing through the Window") by declaring eir intention to do so in a Public Forum. If Curt or Rod is in the possesion of a player who Climbs through the Window, that player loses possesion of Curt or Rod. If at any point, Curt and Rod inhabit the same space on The Grid, they both go into Hiding. If Curt or Rod is Hiding and the other is Active, the Active one goes into Hiding. Curt and Rod become Active at the beginning of the first and sixth ndays of each nweek, if they are not already Active. Whenever Curt and Rod become Active and are placed on the Grid, Curt is placed on a random square on The Grid with an x value of 1, and Rod is placed on a random square on The Grid with a x value of 20. Whenever the weather is updated, Curt and Rod will take 3 moves in random directions.}}

This is Proposal 2015.

{{__Rules Cleanup__

Change the Identification Number of the Rule "Kicks to the Ass" to 79.

Change the Identification Number of the Rule "The Immunity Idol" to 80.

[[Fixes the existence of two Rule 59s and Rule 60s]]

Append the following to Rule 11:
{{Rules may be in named categories. Related Rules SHOULD be in the same category The Rulekeepor may create, destroy and rename categories. The Rulekeepor may put Rules in categories and move Rules between categories. The Ruleset SHOULD be arranged according to categories.}}

This is Proposal 2016.

{{__Ministerial Rewards__

[[This is an idea that worked fairly well in Era 5 and will hopefully encourage players to take ministries. I have also added a system of usurping that uses Bn Consent to create a kind of ministerial election.]]

Append the following to Rule 27:
{{Each ministry has a reward value, which is a non-negative integer with 10 being the maximum and default. At the end of the nweek, a player that held a ministry since the beginning of the nweek and performed all actions required of that ministry shall be given a number of points equal to that ministry's reward value. When a ministry becomes vacant, its reward value is set to 10.

A player may usurp a ministry with the Consent of B, specifying a reward value less than or equal to the ministry's current reward value. When a player usurps a ministry, the ministry is assigned to that player and its reward value becomes equal to the value specified.}}

This is proposal 2017


Append the following to Rule 49:
{{B.9. Health

Health is a measure of how much damage a player can take before dying. Health defaults to 10. A player with a health of 0 gains the attribute "Dead". If a players health falls below 0, it is set to 0. At the beginning of the nweek, the health of players with health greater than 0 and less than 10 increases by 1.}}

Replace section A.3.1 of rule 61 with the following:
{{All squares are of substance Turf if no other substance has been given to them.

If a square of Substance of Earth becomes Wet, its substance becomes Mud.

When a player enters a square of Fire, e loses 6 Health.

Squares may be Wet, Frozen, or neither. If the temperature is below zero degrees Celcius, all Wet squares become Frozen. If the temperature is above zero degrees Celcius, all Frozen squares become Wet. If the temperature is above 20 degrees Celcius, all Wet squares cease to be Wet.

When a MO enters a Frozen square from any consecutive square, it is immediately moved an additional unit in the same direction, if possible.}}

Replace the last paragraph of Rule 58 with the following:
{{If a Gremlin is thrown at a Player, the Player must, as an action, catch the Gremlin within two ndays of it being thrown. If the Player does not or cannot catch the Gremlin, the Gremlin hits the Player, who then loses 1d5 score points to the Player that threw the Gremlin and also loses 1 Health; the Gremlin then falls where the Player is standing.}}

Create a Rule with the title "Win by Survival" and the following text:
{{If at any time there is only one Player who does not have the attribute "Dead", that Player is immediately awarded a win.}}

Replace Section D.3.2 of Rule 61 with the following:
{{An Ancient Monolith is destroyed if its location is substance fire, it is hit by a thrown Bomb Gnome, or a Big Rock falls on it.

Should the entropy absorbed by any monolith ever exceed the entropy capacity of that monolith, or should a monolith that has absorbed entropy ever be destroyed, all stored absorbed entropy of that monolith is released in a cacophonous explosion. This explosion destroys the monolith (if it still exists) and also any adjacent gnomes, big rocks, big sticks, shields, balls of wax, pinball guns, and beer cans. All absorbed entropy of that monolith is transfered to the nearest player. Should there be a tie for nearest player the entropy is evenly divided among the nearest, with any remainder divided randomly among them by the Griddler. Any players adjacent to the monolith lose 10 points and 5 health and are moved to Limbo. Any Gremlins adjacent to the Monolith are moved to Limbo. The gods of planar geometry scream in anguish and six random grid squares become substance fire.}}

[[We could add other methods to remove and gain health in future proposals]]

This is proposal 2018
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