James Baxter on Tue, 5 Jan 2010 14:36:11 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Proposal: Enforce required Actions

I've noticed that we don't have an MoM report for last nweek and the time limits for ministerial actions have no actual consequences if not met. I think it is best to keep the game moving so I think that most actions should be done within 3 days (a Jiffy as defined by rule 5E41), this can be enforced by the LOGAS. Even after giving a kick to the ass, the action could still be not done so a more severe penalty such as losing the ministry (thereby allowing someone who would actually do the job to take it), should be used for ministerial actions which are not done.
To this end I submit the following proposal:
{{__Enforce required actions__
Add the following actions to the LOGAS:

*Performing any action which the rules say a player MUST NOT (or SHALL NOT but CAN) do.
*Failing to perform any action which the rules say a player MUST or SHALL do within 3 ndays (or 3 wdays if the clock is off)

Append the following to Rule 28:
{{If the rules define a time limit within which a minister must take a particular action and the action has not been performed by that minister after the time limit, then that ministry shall become vacant. When a Ministry becomes filled, time limits for actions are reset to start from the time the ministry last became filled, with the exception of reports which need not be posted for previous nweeks and nmonths.}}

Replace the body of section F of rule 17 with the following:
{{At the end of each voting period, The Clock turns Off. The Minister of Change shall then count the votes and post the voting results to a public forum within 7 wdays. After all votes are processed, and the Minister of Change posts said results to a Public Forum, the Clock turns On.

If and only if a proposal receives more affirmative votes than negative votes, the proposal is considered to have passed. Otherwise, the proposal is considered to have failed.

Proposals are processed in increasing integral order of serial number with respect to each other, but are otherwise considered to occur simultaneously, in the instant between the end of one nweek and the beginning of the next nweek.}}

Replace the body of Rule 40 with the following:
{{When a Call for Inquiry has been made, the Oracle shall select one player from among the players allowed to be the Judge within 7 days. Allowed players for the purpose of this rule are all players excepting the Oracle, the Defendant, the Plaintiff and players on the LMJ. If that leaves no players allowed to be the Judge, then out of the players on the LMJ, the player who was placed on the LMJ first shall be the Judge.

In the event of a CFI naming the Oracle as defendant, the duty of selecting an Judge shall fall to the player with the highest Score. That player will also not be allowed to be a Judge for the CFI.}}

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