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[s-b] Proposal: A better Rule 0

The current Rule 0 has no Chutzpah value and refers to power, which no longer exists. It also contains some capacity for scamming (such as how, if one RP is submitted then that is selected by default with no chance of ending the emergency without voting) and relies on Consent to start an emergency, which doesn't work if the clock is off or the consent rule is scammed.

I think the Emergency rule worked well when we had constant evaluation of whether an emergency was started or not through the panic button and mental state systems. I also think Rule 0 should be made as independent of other rules as possible. 

So I have decided to propose a slightly modified version of a 5th era emergency rule (the second to last one, immediately before points of order were introduced) as I think it embodies everything an emergency rule should be.

I submit the following proposal:

{{__A better Rule 0__

Replace the Body of rule 0 with the following:
{{For the purposes of this rule, the term "Potential Emergency Participant" or PEP shall mean each of the current Active Players of B Nomic as defined by other rules. If, however, there are fewer than five such Active Players, or who the current Players are is unclear, uncertain, or ambiguous, then it means those who were unambiguously Active Players before such uncertainty or decrease in Active Player count.

Each PEP has a Mental State, which is exactly one of Calm, Paranoid, or Trusting, and defaults to Calm. As a game action to the Public Forum or any forum previously Public in the past month, a PEP may set his Mental State by stating that he does so, and specifying the new Mental State. If at least 1/3 of PEPs are Paranoid and no more than 2 PEPs are Trusting, or more than 1/3 + the number of Trusting PEPs are Paranoid, B Nomic enters a State of Emergency.

When this occurs the following Procedure happens:

1. Game time is halted. Whatever means used in the Game of B Nomic to track time are stopped as of the beginning of the Emergency and cannot be restarted until B Nomic comes out of Emergency by a means specified in this rule. Pending events and deadlines relative to game time, except those specified in this rule, are postponed until game time resumes. Pending events and deadlines with absolute dates and times do not occur. [[Neither wdays nor ndays pass during an emergency]]

2. The PEP who most recently held the Ministry of Ministries becomes the Emergency Coordinator.

3. The most recent Public Forum becomes the Emergency Forum. If for any reason, the most recent Emergency Forum is inaccessible, or becomes inaccessible during the Emergency, the Emergency Coordinator shall post to all public and discussion forums, or if neither are available, email each PEP at their last known email address to notify all PEPs of the location of a forum suitable for Emergency communication, preferably a public forum. This forum becomes the Emergency Forum. If he does not do so within 24 hours, any PEP may do so, thus becoming the new Emergency Coordinator.

4. The Pause is initialized at zero. This Procedure tracks time spent using the Pause. Until the completion of the Procedure, the Pause is increased by one each day at 00:00:00 UTC. Once per day, the Emergency Coordinator may announce to the Emergency Forum his intention to increment the pause. If no PEP voices objection to this action on the Emergency Forum within 24 hours of the posted intention, the value of the Pause is incremented by one.

5. At any time before the value of the Pause is 5, each PEP may submit a Refresh Proposal, aimed at either resuming or ending the Game, and may revise or withdraw his own Refresh Proposal, via the Emergency Forum. A Refresh Proposal consists of a list of changes which may affect any aspect of the Game or the state of the Game, including, but not limited to: rules, player attributes, the valid list of Players, current holders of any Ministries, and the legitimacy and/or actuality of any action taken in the context of the Game.

6. When the value of the Pause is 5, any PEP can, and the Emergency Coordinator shall, gather all submitted Refresh Proposals into a Ballot and publish it.

7. Each PEP may cast a single Ballot by announcing it via the Emergency Forum. This Ballot shall rank some or all of the Refresh Proposals in order of preference with the most-preferred alternative being ranked first, and less-preferred alternatives being given subsequently higher integers.

8. When the value of the Pause is 7, any PEP can, and the Emergency Coordinator shall, tally the ballots using the Ranked Pairs algorithm. The Refresh Proposal chosen by the ballots shall be the selected refresh proposal.

9. All changes listed in the selected refresh proposal occur, implemented by the Emergency Coordinator as needed. All PEPs become Calm.

If all current Emergency procedures have been running for 14 days or more, any PEP can initiate another one, to run independently of the current one. This Emergency Procedure will start at step 3, and the PEP that initiated it will be the Emergency Coordinator. If at any point, during the State of Emergency, less than 1/3 of PEPs are Paranoid, or there are fewer than 1/3 of PEPs plus the number of Trusting PEPs, all running Emergency procedures stop and B Nomic exits the State of Emergency and normal game time resumes.}}

Set the Chutzpah of Rule 0 to 11.}}
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