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[s-b] Note to all InterNomicers

First of all, apologies for posting on three mailing lists
simultaneously; if this messes up subject lines I am truly sorry.

This message is a note to all InterNomicers and interested parties.
Feel free to disregard it otherwise.

InterNomic is practically dead at the moment. There are, however,
persons interested in reviving it. To that aim, I will be gradually
moving the entire nomic to

Additionally, there will be a Rules Convention on Wednesday, August
19, 2009 at 17:00:00 (UTC) onwards, and another on Saturday, 22
August, 2009 (at the same time) if nessecery. This convention will
most likely take place in ##nomic on freenode; I recommend non-IRC
users go to http://webchat.freenode.net/ if they want an online access
to the channel. If the time or place of the convention changes, I will
make sure everyone knows in good time.

Also, please note that InterNomic has recently enacted a rule making
it an Agoran Protectorate, so H. Ambassador, you can make it into one
without objection, IIRC.

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