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[s-b] Proposal: B Needs Women^WGameplay

I submit the following proposal entitled "B Needs Women^WGameplay":

The Game: 

The Object of The Game is to occupy each territory on the game board,
eliminating all other players, and thereby conquering the Unicycle. 

The Playing Board:

  The playing board is a map consisting of six parts: the Wheel, the Axle,
the Pedals, the Fork, the Throat, and the Seat. Each of these parts is
subdivided into several territories. There are 42 territories in all; each
Part consists of 4-12 territories. Each Part may have a unique power which
may be used only when the entire Part is controlled by a single Party. Each
Power may be used only once per day.

  The Wheel consists of twelve territories and has links to the Axle along
the territories on the inner-spokes. The Wheel's special Power is to Brake,
halting all movement of the Unicycle, Axle, and Pedals. 

  The Axle consists of four territories and has links to the Wheel, Pedals,
and Fork. 

  The Pedals consist of eight territories and have links to the Axle and
Spoke. The Pedal's special Power is Torque, which causes both the Axle and
Wheel to rotate. It takes a full day for the Wheel to complete an entire
rotation. Any units in the outside territories of the Wheel which come into
contact with the ground are destroyed.

  The Fork consists of five territories and has links to the Axle, Pedals,
and Throat.
  The Throat consists of six territories and has links to the Fork and the
Seat. The Fork's special Power is Rappel, which permits up to 1/3 of the
armies in the Throat to move to a single territory below the Fork without
regard for links between the Parts.

  The Seat consists of seven territories and has links to the Throat.

  In addition to the use of any Power afforded by Controlling an Entire
Part, each Part Controlled increases the number of Gnomes a Party may
place. Control of the Wheel adds an additional seven Gnomes. Control of the
Axle or the Fork each add an additional two Gnomes. Control of the Pedals
or the Seat affords an increase of five Gnomes. And Control over the Throat
adds an additional three Gnomes.


  At the beginning of the game, each territory is randomly assigned to each
Party. For each territory a Party holds, a Gnome is created in eir
possession and placed onto the Board in said territory. In addition,
fifteen additional Gnomes are created in the possession of each Party. Each
Party must place each of these Gnomes onto the Game Board in a territory of
eir choosing, selected from the territories e holds. 

Playing the Game:

  Each Party takes eir turn simultaneously, with actions submitted to the

  At the beginning of each turn, each Party has one-third of eir
territories rounded down number of Gnomes created in eir possession. In
addition, for each Entire Part a Party Holds, an additional number of
Gnomes are created in eir possession corresponding to the numbers lain out
above. Each Party then places each Gnome in a territory of eir choosing,
chosen from the territories e holds.

  A Party may attack any opponent's territory adjacent to es own, so long
as it has at least two Gnomes on it. A Party announces what territory e is
attacking, from what territory the attack is originating, and the number of
Gnomes in the attack. If the defending territory has more Gnomes than the
Attacker, the Defender wins, otherwise the Attacker wins.

  An Attack may be made with Support. A Party may announce a Support Order
by announcing what territory e is supporting, into which territory e is
supporting, and the number of Gnomes sent as Support. 
  Support may be cut. If a territory from which Support would originate is
attacked, all Support Orders from that territory are cancelled as the
Gnomes defend their homes.


I also submit the following Pledge: If the proposal titled, "B Needs
Women^WGameplay" passes, I pledge to self-nominate for election to the

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