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[s-b] Contracts

just a few minor edits:

I revise my Proposal "Contracts" to read:

This Proposal is Titled "Contracts"

Create a Rule Titled "Contracts":


As a Game Action a Player may submit a Contract.Upon doing so that player
becomes bound by that Contract.

Players who are bound by a contract are known as parties to that
Contract. A Contract may be changed only as the text of that Contract

As a Game Action any Player may voluntarily become bound to a Contract
unless the text of that contract would prohibit such an action. A
Player may not become bound by a contract by any other means. A
Contract may provide a means by which a Player may cease to be bound
by that Contract. A Player may not cease to be bound by a contract by
any other means.

When a Player becomes obligated to perform an unambiguous Game Action by a
Contract, that Game Action is performed as if the Player had sent it to the
public forum.

[[ A Contract may also be an Agreement and/ or a Faction. ]]

===Special Terms===

A Contract may enable one or more Players to perform Game Actions on behalf
of another Player. When a Player performs a Game Action on behalf of another
Player, he must specify the Player he is acting on behalf of.

Contracts are device owner objects, which may transfer ownership of
their devices and destroy them as they say, unless a Rule states
otherwise. Contracts are also currency owning objects and may give
currency and exchange points for currency as they say, unless a Rule
states otherwise. When a Contract comes
into existence, its mackerel is immediately set to 0.

Contracts may create Things, which are Game Objects that exist only within
the scope of that Contract. Things may be referenced from other contexts.

If, at any time, a contract has fewer than one party, it ceases to be a Game

===Breach of Contract===

A Player may submit a Consultation indicating that a specified Player
who is bound by a specified Contract has failed (through either action
or inaction) to fulfill the obligations and/or requirements bestowed
on them by that Contract. If the Priest of the Consultation finds that
specified Player did indeed violate the Contract in question, they
shall submit an Oracularity which endeavors to equitably rectify the

===The MoB===

There exists a Ministry known as the Ministry of Business. The
Ministry of Business, also known as the Arbiter, is responsible for
maintaining a Public Display of all Contracts and their current text
and parties.



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