Charles Walker on Thu, 16 Apr 2009 04:57:26 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Proposal: Sub-Games

And in case we ever want contests without contracts:

I submit the following Proposal, Titled "Sub-Games":

Create a new Rule Titled "Sub-Games" with the following text:


A Sub-Game is a Game Document which consists of the following:

   - A Title.
   - The Rules of the Sub-Game.

A Player may, with support and without 2 objections, submit a Sub-Game as a
Game Action.

A Player may, as a Game Action, become a Sub-Player of a Sub-Game. A Player
cannot become a Sub-Player of a Sub-Game by any other means. A Sub-Player of
a Sub-Game is bound by the Rules of the said Sub-Game.

A Sub-Game may no more than once each nweek cause no more than 2 Players to
gain no more than 10 points, as defined within its Rules.


Add the following text beneath the first paragraph of the Rule "Joining and


The Registrar is responsible for maintaining a Public Display of all
Sub-Games and their Sub-Players.


The following Sub-Game is created:




C-walker is the Coordinator. The Coordinator shall, on each Mulberry, award
10 points to the Sub-Player of this Sub-Game who he judges to have caused
the most havoc or unrest in nomics other than B Nomic. The Coordinator may,
as a Game Action, and without 2 objections from Sub-Players of this
Sub-Game, change the Rules of this Sub-Game.



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