Jamie Dallaire on Mon, 13 Apr 2009 05:33:02 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Consultation: What is the "game state"?

I submit the following Consultation:

Question: Does Sgeo have more than 10 Hit Points?

Or, in more philosophically interesting yet more potentially ambiguous
words, does "game state" include past events as opposed to being a mere
snapshot of current Game Objects and their Attributes?

During nweek 157, 0x44 murdered Sgeo with the help of 5 Rusty Scimitars. At
the end of the same nweek, Proposal 1911 passed and "Set the game state to
what it would currently be if all players who joined since the end of the
most recent Emergency gained the Active property upon doing so." If all
Players had thusly gained the active property, none of the nweek 156
Proposals would have passed due to a very high quorum, meaning no Rusty
Scimitars would have been created, meaning 0x44 would not have murdered
Sgeo. Proposal 1911 effectively reset Sgeo's Hit Points from 0 to the
default 10.

But did Proposal 1911, as part of "setting game state", alter game history
such that Sgeo is considered not to have been attacked at all? If so, he
still has exactly 10 Hit Points. The other possibility is that Proposal
1911's game state alteration only involved setting current Game Objects and
Attributes to match a hypothetical state, in which case Sgeo is still
considered to have been attacked and lost Hit Points, but this is merely not
reflected in his Hit Points (he has been brought back to Life). If this is
the case, then he has been gaining 1 Hit Point per nday since nweek 158
started (Rule 2-11: Each nday, any living player whose hit points have been
reduced shall recover 1 hit point up to their maximum number of hit
points.). Because no maximum number of Hit Points is currently defined, Sgeo
would have more than 10 Hit Points.

Billy Pilgrim
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