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[s-b] Fix proposals

(it's a slow day, can you tell?)

Proposal:  Fix 5E10

Amend Rule 5E10 (Game Actions) to read:


A Game Action is defined as any activity specified by the Rules
that changes the state of the game.

Text to the effect that "any player may do X" should be interpreted
to mean that X is a Game Action.

Game Actions which involve calculating things that are unreasonable,
impossible or ambiguous fail and have no effect.  Determining what
meets that criteria is up to Ministries and the Consultation system.

No rule, game document, or game action may require or force any
retroactive changes to the game state.

=== Performing by public posting ===

An Outsider may perform a Game Action by posting a message to a
Public Forum specifying that he is performing it, and subject to the
following guidelines:

* The message must specify any targets and/or parameters necessary
  for that action [[for example, to vote against a proposal, you must
  specify which proposal]].

* The action is performed upon reaching the appropriate fora, unless
  the rules state otherwise.

* The message may list multiple actions, which are performed in the
  order they are listed.  The message may also state that an action
  is performed N times (where N is a specific positive integer), in
  which case it is performed that many times sequentially.

The above notwithstanding, an Outsider may not perform a Game Action
as specified in this section unless otherwise permitted by the rules.

=== Performing by legislative fiat ===

The rules have the power to cause an Outsider to perform a Game Action,
whether he posts or not.  Such a Game Action is performed at the time
specified by the rules.


Proposal:  Fix 5E11

Amend Rule 5E11 (Supporting & Objecting) to read:


If the rules explicitly require a Game Action to be performed "without N
objections", "with N supporters", and/or "with N more Supporters than
Objections" (where N is a specific positive integer), then an Outsider
may only perform it as follows:

  * He must first announce his intent to perform it.  All other players
    may Support or Object to it.

  * The rest of this rule notwithstanding, he may only perform it if:

     - If it's without N objections, less than N Players have Objected
       to the action
     - If it's with N supporters, at least N Players have Supported the
     - If it's with N more Supporters than Objections, at least N more
       Players have Supported the Action than have Objected to the Action

  * He may perform it between 2 and 4 ndays after announcing his intent.

  * He may perform it between 3 and 5 rdays after announcing his intent,
    provided that no players have Objected to the action and at least 5
    players have Supported the action.  This method should only be used
    to avoid ambiguity or fix bugs in ntime.

  * A rule may allow him to perform it later, but not earlier.

The phrase "without objection" is synonymous to "without 1 objection",
the phrase "with support" is synonymous to "with 1 supporter", and the
phrase "with more support than objection" is synonymous to "with 1 more
Supporters than Objections".

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