Ed Murphy on Sat, 24 Jan 2009 07:14:44 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] More MoQ catchup

I submit this Tweak and intend to activate it:  In Rule 5E36 (Judgment),
replace "Ndays (or Ndelays if the clock is off)," with "rdays,".

Here's some more stuff pulled from recent archives:

[Dec 08] 00651 w1n5t0n becomes un-Ordained
00040  ehird becomes Ordained (if a player, but I don't think he was)
00072  Murphy becomes Ordained (already noted)
00175  Marr965 becomes Ordained
00190  Marr965 becomes Ordained (redundant)
00206  Wooble becomes Ordained (already noted)
00325  Billy Pilgrim becomes Ordained

184 "Are there any Mackerel formerly owned by ehird?" answered 12/31,
       inconsistent 2/3 (teucer's inconsistent invalid because he was
       the supplicant)
186 "Did Warrigal violate any of his obligations under the Ministry of
      Questions?" answered 12/31
187 "Did j violate the rules by turning the clock on?" answered 12/31
188 ?

00007  teucer:  "Is Fred an External Force?"
00008  teucer:  "Were Warrigal's macks destroyed when ehird
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