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[s-b] Grid PD Update

As Minister of Grid, I publish the following Public display:
{Grid square information:
--Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster Gnome
--Eponymous Spoon
--0, 128, 128: priority 1
--0, 128, 128: priority 1
--0, 128, 128: priority 1
--0, 0, 0: priority 1
---Well-sharpened pencil
--255, 255, 255: priority 1
--0, 0, 0: priority 1
--0, 0, 0: priority 1
--Suffused Panic Button
--128, 128, 128: priority 1
---pikhq's rapier
--Oracle's Font
--Billy Pilgrim
--128,128,128: priority 3
---Well-sharpened pencil
--Ring of 4E13
255, 255, 255:
{The laser sharpener is an abstract entity that exists only within thescope of these Laws. comex can, with the laser sharpener, change thevalue of the Pause, but shall not do so, is forbidden to do so, andhas no permission to do so. 
comex is the Tracker of white. Any of {comex, Sgeo}, with the consentof the other, can amend these Laws.} 
0, 0, 0:
{Rule 1: Rules and Plates 
The Text of DiploNomic consists of all of DiploNomic's Rules and Plates. Rules have unlimited power to governDiploNomic. Plates do not govern DiploNomic (except as Rules allow), but are still part of its text. Brian shall keeptrack of the Text of DiploNomic, and shall inform Agora of any changes to it. Rules generally use their own definitions,not those of other nomics; Plates often use the definitions of other nomics.  
Rule 2: Players
A person is Loyal if e is a party (as Agora defines the term) to the Text of DiploNomic and not a B Nomic Fugitive. AnyLoyal person (that is, sapient biological organism) can register by announcement, making em a Player. Any Player canderegister by announcement, making em cease to be a Player.  
Rule 3: Proposals
Any Player can submit a Proposal by announcement. Within the week after a Proposal is submitted, any Player canvote FOR or AGAINST, or withdraw these votes, by announcement. A week after a Proposal is submitted, if it hasmore FOR votes than AGAINST votes (only each Player's first N non-withdrawn votes count, where N is 2 for Loyalplayers, 1 for non-Loyal players), it takes effect.  
Rule 4: Offices
An Office is an entity that can be held by one Player; if an Office is ever held by something that is not a Player, it ceases to be held by anything. The candidates for an office are all the Loyal Players who consent to holding the office, or all consenting Players if there are no such Loyal Players. Once per week, any Player can select a random candidate for an office and cause the office to be held by that candidate. The Office of Rules is an Office whose holder is known as Brian.  
Rule 5: Announcements
"By announcement" means "by posting to a Public Forum". Initially, the only Public Forum is diplonomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
Rule 6: B Nomic Fugitives
If a person has been subpoenaed, the subpoena's time limit has expired, and that person has not been Resident on a B Nomic Square of the National Color since the subpoena, the person is a B Nomic Fugitive. Persons shall not become B Nomic Fugitives. 
Plate 1: Agora
The Text of DiploNomic is a public contract, as Agora defines the term. Parties to the Text of DiploNomic SHALL ensure that it follows the rules of Agora. If the Text of DiploNomic changes, Brian SHALL publish the change within seven days. Parties to the Text of DiploNomic CAN leave it by announcement, but SHALL NOT do so if they are Players. 
Plate 2: B Nomic
A Colonial Color is a Color whose Laws are the Text of DiploNomic. If there are more Squares of a Colonial Color than of any other Colonial Color, that Colonial Color becomes the National Color. The Tracker for the National Color is Brian if e is Resident to a Square of that Color, the Player who has been Resident to a Square of that Color for the longest amount of time otherwise. If ever Brian is not Resident to a Square of the National Color but there are any Squares of the National Color, then e is subpoenaed, with the time limit being a B Nomic Jiffy.} 
0, 128, 128:
{The Colour 0, 128, 128 is known as Teal.
JamesB is the Tracker of Teal.
A Resident of a Teal Square can amend these Laws with the unanimous consent of all other Residents of Teal Squares. 
At the beginning of each nweek all mackerel owned by Teal are divided equally among all Active non-Dead, non-Prisoner Residents of Teal Squares with any mackerel that would be divided into less than m1 being returned to the ownership of Teal.
If a Resident of a Teal Square Forfeits the Game, all mackerel in eir possesion at the moment of Forfeit are transferred to Teal unless another Legal Entity claims ownership of eir mackerel by a Contract or Rule.}
128, 128, 128:
{The Colour (128, 128, 128) is known as Grey.  Any reference to Grey should beinterpreted as a reference to the Colour (128, 128, 128) unless otherwisespecified.
Any Player Resident in a Grey Square is an Inhabitant of Grey, also known as anInhabitant.  The Tracker of Grey is the Player whose name is Marr965.
When a Dead Loyal Inhabitant transfers at least m50 to Grey, theInhabitant may cause Grey to Revive him.
Any Loyal Player may cause Grey to take any Game Action, provided that moreother Loyal Players support this action than object to it. (Note that thisclause does not make Grey omnipotent (probably), since the Rules should disallowomnipotence, and they take precedence over these Laws.  Taking a prohibitedGame Action fails.) Players have a Switch, known as Loyal, by default Off.  Grey can change thevalue of Loyal for any Player. These laws can be amended by unanimous consent of all Loyal Inhabitants. The Players named Codae and Marr965 are Loyal.  This paragraph takesprecedence over the fifth paragraph of these Laws.  Grey can remove thisparagraph from the Laws of Grey, and can be caused to do so by any Player.  (Itdoesn't affect our Loyalty to remove this; however, it ensures we count asLoyal at first.)}}
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