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Re: [s-b] Proposal: Point of Order!

I revise Proposal 584 to read:
Change the title of Rule 0 to "Unrest"
Replace the text of Rule 0 with:
This rule takes precedence over all other Rules.

Each Player has a Mental State, which is exactly one of Calm, Trusting, or
Paranoid. As a message to the Public Forum, or any Forum previously Public
in the past real month, a Player may set his Mental State by stating that
he does so, and specifying the new Mental State. No other Rule may alter a
Player's Mental State, nor may any other Rule restrict or prevent a Player
from altering his Mental State when the Player performs this action to
modify it.

There is an Unrest Threshold which is the greater of one-third of all
Active Players, or the sum of one-third of all Active Players plus the
number of Active Players with a Trusting Mental State. If at any time, the
number of Players with a Paranoid Mental State equals or exceeds the Unrest
Threshold, B Nomic enters a State of Unrest. If at any time, the number of
Players with a Paranoid Mental State is less than the Unrest Threshold, B
Nomic exits the State of Unrest.

When B Nomic enters a State of Unrest, game time is halted. Except for
those specified in this rule, whatever means used in the game of B Nomic to
track time are stopped as of the beginning of the State of Unrest, and
cannot be restarted until B Nomic leaves a State of Unrest by a means
specified in this rule. Pending events and deadlines relative to game time
are postponed until game time resumes. Pending events and deadlines with
absolute dates and times do not occur.

Time in the State of Unrest is tracked using absolute days, which run from
00:00:00 UTC, to 23:59:59 UTC.

Upon entering a State of Unrest, any Player may, and the Ministry of
Ministries shall issue a Call To Order to a Public Forum. The first Player
to do so becomes the Chairman for the duration of the State of Unrest. If
no Public Forum is available, or the Public Forum becomes unavailable for
an extended length of time, the Chairman may designate an alternate, provided each Player is notified at their last known email address of the location and
means to communicate through, the alternate forum. The alternate forum
becomes the Public Forum for the Duration of the Unrest, and is subject to
the above accessibility requirement.

Each Player may, beginning with the start of the first absolute day after
the Call To Order reaches the Public Forum, and ending at the start of the
third absolute day after the Call To Order reaches the Public Forum, submit
any number of Points of Order which are game documents detailing a single
change to the Rules or Game State of B. A Point of Order may declare that it is Dependent on or Contradictory to a previously submitted Point of Order.

Each Player may submit a single vote on each Point of Order which can be exactly one of Yea or Nay, up until the end of the first absolute day after the Point of Order reaches the Public Forum. If, after the first absolute day from its reaching the Public Forum, a Point of Order has more Yea votes than Nay votes, it is said to be Selected, otherwise it is discarded. If a selected Point of Order is Dependent on a discarded Point of Order, it to is discarded. If a selected Point of Order is Contradictory to another selected Point of Order, the Point of Order with the greater number of Yea votes to Nay votes is selected, otherwise they are both discarded.

After four absolute days have passed since the Call To Order reached the
Public Forum, the Chairman shall gather all Selected Points of Order, and
if necessary implement the changes therein, and is capable of doing so.
Once all of the changes have been implemented, all Players become Calm, and
game time may resume.


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