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Re: [s-b] Alternative Grid PD

I think I'd like something similar, but with some changes.  Therefore, I intend, with the consent of all other Residents of (128, 128, 128), to change the Laws of (128, 128, 128) to
The Colour (128, 128, 128) is known as Grey.  Any reference to Grey should be interpreted as a reference to the Colour (128, 128, 128) unless otherwise specified.

Any Player Resident in a Grey Square is an Inhabitant of Grey, also known as an Inhabitant.  The Tracker of Grey is the Player whose name is Marr965.

When a Dead Loyal Inhabitant transfers at least m50 to Grey, the Inhabitant may cause Grey to Revive him.

Any Loyal Player may cause Grey to take any Game Action, provided that more other Loyal Players support this action than object to it. (Note that this clause does not make Grey omnipotent (probably), since the Rules should disallow omnipotence, and they take precedence over these Laws.  Taking a prohibited Game Action fails.)

Players have a Switch, known as Loyal, by default Off.  Grey can change the value of Loyal for any Player.

These laws can be amended by unanimous consent of all Loyal Inhabitants.

The Players named Codae and Marr965 are Loyal.  This paragraph takes precedence over the fifth paragraph of these Laws.  Grey can remove this paragraph from the Laws of Grey, and can be caused to do so by any Player.  (It doesn't affect our Loyalty to remove this; however, it ensures we count as Loyal at first.)


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Marr965, your colouring succeded but the laws of 128, 128, 128 were not
changed as Codae (who is also a Resident of 128, 128, 128) did not
consent. The contract still exists though.

With the consent of Codae, I intend to change the Laws of 128, 128, 128 to the following:

128, 128, 128 is known as Grey.

The Tracker of Grey is Marr965.

Any Player resident to a Grey Square is known for the
purposes of these laws as an Inhabitant of Grey (or an Inhabitant).

When an Inhabitant dies, all their Macks are
transferred to Grey, Grey revives that Inhabitant, and transfers all the Macks
previously owned by that Inhabitant to them, minus 50 Macks or any Macks

The Inhabitants may, at any time, cause any number
of Macks belonging to Grey to be transferred to Greycorp, with more Support
than Objection.

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