M P Darke on Tue, 13 Jan 2009 11:18:03 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Greycorp...

If Grey has fewer than 50 Macks, I transfer enough Macks to Greycorp to ensure that the number of Macks owned by Grey plus the number of Macks owned by Greycorp equals 50.

I also change the Contract namedd Greycorp to read:

This Contract serves as the Articles of Incorporation for

If the number of Macks owned by Grey is less that 50 at any time, Greycorp
transfers 100 macks.

The Tracker of Grey is an Officer of Greycorp.

An Officer of Greycorp may, at any time, change the text of this Contract with
the unanimous consent of all other Officers of Greycorp.

Only an Inhabitant of Grey (as defined by the Laws of Grey) may become a party
to this Contract.

Any Player who stops being an Inhabitant of Grey stops being a Party to this

A Party to this Contract must, upon becoming a Party to this Contract, must
transfer m50 to Greycorp.

Greycorp may possess Weapons.

Greycorp may loan out Weapons to Inhabitants of Grey. Upon
doing so, the lent party must specify a number of nweeks and transfer m10 per
nweek thus specified to Greycorp. They then become the Owner of that Weapon. If
they do not transfer the Weapon back to Greycorp at the end of the specified
period of time, they must transfer an additional m20 to Greycorp, as well as the
Weapon. If a weapon is destroyed by the Player who was lent it, that Player
must transfer m30 to Greycorp for damaging the item.

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