Elliott Hird on Tue, 6 Jan 2009 09:40:19 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] RP revision: yay, fixes

nicer phrasing of the deferring precedence thing, thanks to 0x44

I revise my Refresh Proposal to read: {{

Fixes: emergencies (thx 0x44) forfeits, tweaks, contract traps, the OCB,
precedence, game actions, 5E3333, non-Outsider submission of game documents
(including Consultations), mack on forfeit, my weird-ass playerhood.

I don't patch the mack-destroying bug here because it doesn't exist and any
way of fixing it would just be kludging up the language.

Fixing 5E0 is left as an exercise to the player, a better priority is
getting into less emergencies.

The correct game state of B Nomic is one of the gamestates in which the Player/ex-player known/formerly known as "ehird" is a PEP at the time of this Refresh Proposal's passing and has been a PEP since at least one second before the start of the emergency in which this RP was submitted. /* just-in-case quantum collapse -- note that this doesn't actually make me a player, that's further down */

Perform all amendments to rule 5E0 that were specified in the RP that 0x44
submitted in the same Emergency as this RP.

In rule 5E18, replace {
No restrictions may be placed on when a player may forfeit; any player may forfeit the game at any time (regardless of any timekeeping device used in the game).
} with {
No restrictions can be placed on whether a player may forfeit; every player may always forfeit the game. This rule takes precedence over every other rule to the contrary.

Add to the end of the first paragraph of rule 5E35: {Every Player may submit Tweaks.}

In rule 5E7, replace {No Player shall be made a Party to a Contract without their explicit consent, and no Contract may impose any obligation upon a non-Party.} with {No Player can be made a Party to a Contract without their explicit consent intended only for joining that Contract, and no Contract may impose any obligation upon a non- Party.}

In rule 5E50, after {The Operantly Conditioned Beast (aka The Beast or The OCB) is an Outsider and a Player whose name is Fred.} add { This rule takes precedence over rule 5E4.}

Replace all instances of "Outsider" with "External Force" in rule 5E13.

Add a paragraph to the end of rule 5E9 reading: {A rule "deferring precedence" to another rule is equivalent to the deferred claiming precedence over the deferrer.}

In rule 5E10, replace {unless a rule states otherwise.} with {unless another rule states otherwise. This rule defers precedence to all other rules defining the validity of Game Actions.}

Repeal rule 5E3333 if it exists.

All Objects that were mackerel at one point or are mackerel now that were or are owned by the Player or ex-player known or formerly known as "ehird" are hereby destroyed.

Add a paragraph to the end of rule 5e29 reading: {Whenever an entity ceases to be a Legal Entity, all their mackerel are destroyed.}

If he is not already, the External Force with an email address of penguinofthegods@xxxxxxxxx or penguinofthegods@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx who was known as "ehird" when he was a Player and whose name is Elliott Hird and who submitted this RP hereby becomes a Player with the name of "ehird".

All mackerel owned by the Player known as "ehird" are destroyed.

100 mackerel are created in the possession of the Player known as "ehird".

/* just to be sure */


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