Elliott Hird on Tue, 6 Jan 2009 07:57:18 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] rp amendment 2: Stealing^WRecognizing good work

I revise my Refresh Proposal to read: {{

Fixes: emergencies (thx 0x44) forfeits, tweaks, contract traps, the OCB,
non-Outsider submission of game documents (including Consultations), mack on
forfeit, my weird-ass playerhood.

I don't patch the mack-destroying bug here because it doesn't exist and any
way of fixing it would just be kludging up the language.

Fixing 5E0 is left as an exercise to the player, a better priority is
getting into less emergencies.

The correct game state of B Nomic is one of the gamestates in which the Player/ex-player known/formerly known as "ehird" is a PEP at the time of this Refresh Proposal's passing and has been a PEP since at least one second before the start of the emergency in which this RP was submitted. /* just-in-case quantum collapse -- note that this doesn't actually make me a player, that's further down */

Perform all amendments to rule 5E0 that were specified in the RP that 0x44
submitted in the same Emergency as this RP.

In rule 5E18, replace {
No restrictions may be placed on when a player may forfeit; any player may forfeit the game at any time (regardless of any timekeeping device used in the game).
} with {
No restrictions can be placed on whether a player may forfeit; every player may always forfeit the game. This rule takes precedence over every other rule to the contrary.

Add to the end of the first paragraph of rule 5E35: {Every Player may submit Tweaks.}

In rule 5E7, replace {No Player shall be made a Party to a Contract without their explicit consent, and no Contract may impose any obligation upon a non-Party.} with {No Player can be made a Party to a Contract without their explicit consent intended only for joining that Contract, and no Contract may impose any obligation upon a non- Party.}

In rule 5E50, after {The Operantly Conditioned Beast (aka The Beast or The OCB) is an Outsider and a Player whose name is Fred.} add { This rule takes precedence over rule 5E4.}

Replace all instances of "Outsider" with "External Force" in rule 5E13.

All Objects that were mackerel at one point or are mackerel now that were or are owned by the Player or ex-player known or formerly known as "ehird" are hereby destroyed.

Add a paragraph to the end of rule 5e29 reading: {Whenever an entity ceases to be a Legal Entity, all their mackerel are destroyed.}

If he is not already, the External Force with an email address of penguinofthegods@xxxxxxxxx or penguinofthegods@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx who was known as "ehird" when he was a Player and whose name is Elliott Hird and who submitted this RP hereby becomes a Player with the name of "ehird".

All mackerel owned by the Player known as "ehird" are destroyed.

100 mackerel are created in the possession of the Player known as "ehird".

/* just to be sure */


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