Jay Campbell on Mon, 5 Jan 2009 19:47:30 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Tweak

I create and activate this Tweak { Destroy all Game Objects. End the game. }

comex wrote:
I submit the following Tweak:
{ Create a rule whose text reads, in its entirety, "The player named
comex may change the gamestate in any way, at any time." }

I Activate this Tweak.

This works because:
 a) According to Rule 5E35, Activating a Tweak is a Game Action.
 b) Rule 5E10 says:

To perform a Game Action, an Outsider must post a message...[snip Game
Action requirements]  They may list multiple actions that they wish to
take, in which case they take them in the order they list them. [snip
other stuff] Game Actions occur upon reaching the appropriate fora, in
the order they arrived, unless a rule states otherwise.

As I have in fact listed multiple actions, and presumably this message
will soon reach the appropriate forum, I have satisfied two different
clauses in Rule 5E10 which state that the Game Action takes effect.

If it worked, this fix by ais523:
Note that as specific exceptions to this rule, other rules may specify
other ways in which the gamestate may be
changed; and Game Actions do not take effect unless either at least
one other rule defines the action in question as a game action, or
else the Game Action would take effect if this rule did not exist.
Also, this rule explicitly defers to rule 5e0, and whenever this rule
contradicts rule 5e0 this rule takes precedence.
did not prevent the above scam.
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