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Re: [s-b] Consultation, was Re: Bums

I request this Consultation be ZOTted for a couple reasons:

The sentence quoted in "there's no plural" in the Arguments isn't even in the ruleset and has been dishonestly or accidentally pasted with inaccurate grammar.

The game state calculation referenced isn't ambiguous. "I destroy all mackeral in their possession as a Game Action." is a non-ambiguous game action, since I made it clear I was talking about players other than myself. The legality of the action may be called into question, as with any game action, but the end results is J m165, Other Legal Entities m0. Ambiguity in the ruleset other than calculation is not a legal cause for challenge.


Since you people insist on using the least B-friendly interpretation of ambiguous language, as MoS I do not think this Game Action occurred because it involves an ambiguous game state calculation. 5e29 doesn't claim precedence over 5e10, ergo 5e10 yadda yadda yadda.

I submit the following Consultation specifying "J" as the Unbeliever:
{ Did J destroy all of the game's mackerel save his own? }


There's no plural subject in the sentence "Only Legal Entity may destroy any amount of mackerel in their possession as a Game Action." so the impersonal pronoun refers to the singular "Legal Entity". The word "their" is used interchangeably in English to serve the purposes of the impersonal singular pronoun, and the impersonal plural pronoun. This is not inappropriate, or ambiguous in normal communication, as whether or not the word is plural or singular is picked up from context. If however, the meaning is ambiguous in B, and cannot be picked up from context, then the game action did not occur as the game action requires the calculation of an impossible or ambiguous number.

So, if the game action destroying everyone's mackerel succeeded, the game action did not occur due to the game state ambiguity.

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