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[s-b] Consultation: Is ehird still a Player?

I submit the following consultation: Is the External Force formerly known as ehird still a Player?

Rule 5e10 states that game actions that involve impossible or ambiguous calculations simply do not occur. The fate of ehird's mackerel is in question, as the rules do not specify what happens to game objects when their owner no longer exists, and the rules do not provide any means for Consultations to alter the game state - except in the case of 5e10.

Rule 5e18 states unequivocally that no restrictions may be placed on when a player may forfeit. However, due to the possible ambiguity of the game state calculation surrounding ehird's macks, Rule 5e10 would take precedence since neither rule claim precedence over the other.

Rule 5e10 does, however, grant a Consultation the power to determine what meets the criteria of an ambiguous, impossible, or unreasonable calculation. Therefore, whether or not ehird is a Player is currently impossible to determine until a Consultation has been Answered.


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