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[s-b] Proposals from the RP

I submit a proposal "Prevent contract auto-enslavement" { Change the second paragraph of 5E57 to {{ A Player may become a Party to a specific Contract by posting to the Public Forum "I become a party to <contract name>" if that Contract exists and does not disallow it. No Contract may impose any obligation upon a non-Party. }} }


I submit a proposal "Fix Judgment rdays" { Amend Rule 5E36 (Judgment) by replacing each instance of "ndays (or ndelays if the clock is off)" (case-insensitive) with "rdays". } Billy Pilgrim can have credit for this one, as it's his I think.


If I haven't done this one already, I submit a proposal "Fix Tweaks" { Change the first sentence of Rule 5E35 to "A Player may submit a Tweak, which is a Game Document describing changes to be made to the rules and/or game state of B Nomic." }


In case he doesn't get to it, I submit a proposal "ais523's Game Action Fixes" {{ Replace the text of rule 5e10 with {

A Game Action is an action described as such by the rules. An Outsider can perform a Game Action unless the rules prohibit it; if no other mechanism is explicitly specified, then he can perform it by posting a message to a Public Forum specifying that he performs it. He must also specify any targets and/or parameters necessary for that action [[for example, you must specify a proposal in order to vote against a proposal]]. Unambiguous targets and parameters specified in Game Actions are valid regardless of capitalization, punctuation, or exact wording unless explicitly required by a Rule.

If a player attempts to take multiple Game Actions in one message, they occur in the order they are listed. A player may state that they take a Game Action a certain (positive integral) number of times; this is equivalent to sending a message repeatedly stating that that Game Action is taken, the number of times requested, unless a number of repetitions is unreasonably large. The Rules also have the power to cause an Outsider to take Game Actions whether they post or not, and actions which are Game Actions can of course be performed by other mechanisms if a Rule makes that possible.

Game Actions occur upon being transmitted to a reasonably large subset of players via the appropriate fora, in the order they arrived, unless a rule states otherwise. A Game Action that is caused by a Rule instead of by a Forum Post takes place at the time specified by the Rule.

Text to the effect that 'any X may do Y' should be interpreted to imply that Y is a Game Action, but that a non-X may not do Y (unless permitted by another rule).

Game Actions which involve calculating things that are unreasonable, impossible or ambiguous fail and have no effect. Determining what meets that criterion is up to Ministries and the Consultation system.

}     }}


I submit the proposal "This is not C Nomic" { Change the name of Rule 5E1 to "The Game of B Nomic." }


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