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[s-b] So it looks like guerilla warfare did not inflame any passions...

Let's try a work co-op instead...

[[Summary of changes in Motion below:

- One vote per member, regardless of sock count.

- One becomes a member immediately upon purchasing a sock (current
sockholders must, however, purchase another sock or become a member by
announcement in order to take part, since this motion can't possibly force
non-members to become members...).

- Only Players may be members.

- Issue Price is now m100, for both buying from and selling to the company.
The latter part replaces the Buyback process.

- Removes the Office of CEO, creating 3 in its place.
(Responsibilities/powers in points 7 8 9)

- Adds Removal as counterpart to Installation, allows members to vote on
removing an officer.

- Dividend action changed to give equal macks to each member (independent of
sock number)

- Split action removed, would be useless in this context

- Budget established


I Post the following Motion in Black Corporation:


Amend the Articles of Incorporation to read as follows:


1. The name of this corporation is Black Corporation. This contract is the
Articles of Incorporation for this Corporation.

2. A Voting Sockholder is a Player who is a member of this contract and who
holds at least one Black sock. Any member of this contract which does not
hold at least one Black sock or is not a Player ceases to be a member of
this contract. A Potential Sockholder may become a member of this contract
by announcement or by purchasing a Black sock.
3. Any Voting Sockholder may attempt to amend this contract by posting a
Motion by announcement. The Motion is a Game Document and should specify a
list of Contract Actions. Each Voting Sockholder may cast a single vote FOR,
AGAINST, or ABSTAIN on this contract's Motions. After two full rdays, the
Voting Sockholder who initiated the Motion may resolve that Motion. If a
Motion is not resolved in six full rdays after it is announced it
automatically fails. When a Motion is resolved if the total number of FOR
votes is greater than the number of AGAINST votes the changes described in
the Motion are enacted.

4. Any Potential Sockholder may purchase a Black sock owned by the Black
Corporation by paying the Issue Price to the Black Corporation. When a
Potential Sockholder transfers a Black sock to the Black Corporation, the
Chamberlain is obligated to transfer the Issue Price from the Black
Corporation to the Potential Sockholder. Initially, the Issue Price is m80.

5. The three Officers of the Black Corporation are the Taskmaster, the
Chamberlain, and the Figurehead. No Player may hold more than one Office
within the Black Corporation simultaneously. The Voting Sockholders are
responsible for ensuring this corporation fulfills it's obligations by
enabling its Officers to act on behalf of the corporation in a manner
specified in this contract. Officers may resign their Office by
announcement. Initially all Offices are vacant.

6. The following are Contract Actions:

   - Amendment - A change to the Articles of Incorporation
   - Installation - Causing a specific Voting Sockholder to become the
   holder of a specific Office in this Corporation
   - Issue - Creating a number of Black socks in the possession of this
   - Deissue - Causing any number of Black socks held by the Corporation to
   be destroyed
   - Dividend - Causing the Corporation to transfer an equal number of macks
   to each member of this Corporation
   - Adjustment - A change to the Issue Price
   - Authorization - Enabling and obligating an Officer of this Corporation
   to perform a specific act not otherwise specified in this contract on behalf
   of this Corporation

7. The Taskmaster is responsible for securing employment for members. As
such, this Officer is authorized to Assign and Usurp Ministries on behalf of
the Black Corporation, as well as to Revise their Rewards if necessary. The
Taskmaster is expected to maintain a high level of employment and job
security. The Taskmaster is authorized to delegate ministerial obligations
to members by establishing (and, if necessary, ceasing to be bound by)
separate contracts with them on behalf of the Black Corporation. Any
ministerial obligations incumbent upon the Black Corporation that have not
been delegated by contract are the responsibility of the Taskmaster. The
Taskmaster must maintain an up-to-date display of the Black Corporation's
ministerial holdings, delegated duties, and employment contracts.

8. The Chamberlain is obligated and authorized to fulfill all changes called
for in the Budget (see below), and is responsible for tracking all the Black
Corporation's financial state. The Chamberlain is also responsible for
proposing Budget innovations and novel mackerel-making ventures (though any
member may do so) and seeking authorization from members to carry out the
required actions.

9. All members are to ensure the continued success of the Black Corporation
by changing Proposal Colors to Black. The Figurehead is responsible for
Maintaining Maximum Member Morale!

10. The following is the current Budget:

- Company Income for any nweek is defined as the sum of all mackerel gained
by the Black Corporation during that nweek (sources include, but are not
limited to, Proposal Earnings, Ministerial Rewards, and Sock Transactions)
minus the Issue Price multiplied by the number of Black socks transferred to
the Black Corporation during that nweek.
- On nday 1, for every Ministry held by the Black Corporation, the
Corporation must transfer 125% of each Ministry's Reward to the member
currently delegated to fulfill its obligations.
- On nday 1, the Black Corporation must transfer 25% of Company Income for
the previous nweek to the Taskmaster.
- On nday 1, the Black Corporation must transfer 25% of Company Income for
the previous nweek to the Chamberlain.
- If, for any reason, the Black Corporation lacks sufficient funds to
execute any of the above transfers, this transfer is to be executed
partially, using up all available mackerel. Transfers listed below this
point are to be disregarded for the current nweek.
- Leftover funds are to be saved for potential future ventures embarked upon
by the Black Corporation following the will of its members.


Adjust the Issue Price to m100.

Billy Pilgrim
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