Jamie Dallaire on Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:58:21 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Remove the Rule of Law

[[This frowning business (see below, it has to do with replacing the part
about "shall" and "shall not" being associated with misdemeanors by just
frowning upon people's actions) I think is an ok solution temporarily, since
simply banning the "shall nots" would hamper parts of the game. Obligations
still hold for the "shalls" (At least for ministers... I now realize that
there doesn't seem to be any penalty applicable to anyone who currently
fails to fulfill a non-ministerial obligation, unless that penalty is
specified along with the obligation...]]

I submit the following Proposal, entitled "Remove the Rule of Law": [[this
affects felonies and misdemeanours, not consultations]]
Destroy all Quorums.

If any Players or Legal Entities are currently prevented from Voting until
they destroy a certain number of macks, set the number of macks in question
to 0.

Repeal Rules 4E54 (Criminal Offenses), 4E72 (Since We're not Using the
Word...), 4E73 (The Judge), 4E55 (Murder), 4E64 (Manslaughter), 4E78
(Assault and Battery), 4E59 (Stop that!), and 4E60 (Contempt of Court).

In Rule 4E56 (Shall I?), replace all instances of the text "a Misdemeanor"
with the text "frowned upon".

In Rule 4E15 (Proposals), remove the text: "Voting AGAINST a Proposal whose
Author is currently one's Twin constitutes a Felony known as Blood Betrayal,
for which both the minimum and maximum punishment is a fine of m100.
Committing Blood Betrayal multiple times in a given nweek cannot result in
more than a single punishment."

In Rule 4E74 (RPG), remove the text: "Causing damage to a member of The
Horde is a Misdemeanor."
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