Charles Schaefer on Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:52:49 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] New Contract

I submit the following contract, titled "Votes For Sale!":

Section 1. This Contract is the Articles of Incorporation for the
Corporation known as Votes For Sale, Inc. (which may be referred to as

Section 2. This Corporation has a single Officer, known as Da Boss. Da Boss
may take any action on behalf of this Corporation by sending a message to a
B Nomic Public Forum. Da Boss is the player named Charles.

Section 3. Da Boss may amend this contract at any time unless a voting
period is in progress.

Section 4. Da Boss agrees to vote as specified by this contract. Players may
bribe Da Boss to vote a specific way using the following procedure:

Section 5. Once a proposal is made, any party to this contract (other than
Da Boss) may transfer a number of mackerel to the VFS ("the bribe") along
with a specified vote on that proposal. This must be done before the start
of the last nday of the voting period in which that proposal is on the

Section 6. The proposal and specified vote may be sent privately, but the
mackerel must be sent via the Public Forum.

Section 7. During the last nday of the voting period, Da Boss shall, for
each proposal, cast the vote that has received the largest number of

Section 8. Before any bribe has been received on a proposal, Da Boss may
declare that his vote on that proposal is "Not For Sale", in which case no
bribes will be accepted on that proposal and Da Boss is free to vote however
he wishes. No bribes will be accepted until 12 hours after the submission of
a proposal, to give Da Boss time to declare his vote "Not For Sale".
Section 9. If a proposal has multiple voting options tied for having the
most mackerel, Da Boss shall choose one of these options to vote.

Section 10. Da Boss may not cease to be a party to this Contract. Other
players are free to become or cease to be a party to this contract at any
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