Mike McGann on Fri, 6 Jun 2008 17:33:57 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] [MoL] Changes enacted nweek 144

Proposal 434, Temporal Precedence
Amended Rule 75, Rule Powers and Precedence

Proposal 435, In Commemoration
Amended Rule 31, Calendar

Proposal 436, We Want More Devices
Amended Rule 37, The Ministry of Goods

Proposal 437, Define Repeal
Amended Rule 36, Rules
Amended Rule 12, Transactions

Proposal 438, Statute of Limitations
Amended Rule 50, Public Displays

Proposal 439, Super-Gandhi
Player j gains the Super-Gandhi Property

Proposal 441, Criminals Can't Vote
Amended Rule 20, Players May Vote
Amended Rule 73, The Judge

Proposal 442, Privatize the Sock Market
Created Blue Corporation.
Created Black Corporation.
Created Brown Corporation.
Created Burnt Sienna Corporation.
Created Beige Corporation.
Created Burgundy Corporation.
Enacted Rule 81, Legal Entities
Amended Rule 79, Incorporation
Amended Rule 70, Contracts
Amended Rule 68, Socks
Renamed Rule 69, Dividends to Investments & Earnings
Amended Rule 69, Investments & Earnings

Proposal 443, We Want More Colors!
Amended Rule 68, Socks
Created Brick Red Corporation
Created Baby Blue Corporation

- Hose
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