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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Consultation 105.

Roger Hicks wrote:
> Ah, but I wouldn't say that the Enough Already quasi-proposal actually
> alluded to 4e41. An without a clear answer to Consultation #105, we
> can not know for sure.
> BobTHJ
Untrue, someone can submit another Consultation that does not include 
the offending reference. In fact, I'll do so.

I submit the following Consultation:

    Does there exist a proposal numbered 355 as submitted by BobTHJ?

       Per Rule 4e2 states that a game object may only be created in 
accordance with the rules. Rule 4e15 establishes that Proposals are game 
documents. Per 4e7, Submitting a Proposal is a Game Action. Also Per 
4e7, Game Actions must be posted to the Public Forum. The quasi-proposal 
numbered 355 never reached the Public Forum, and therefore cannot be a 

    Unbeliever: BobTHJ
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