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[s-b] Murder most foul

I hereby answer consultation 109 consisting of the question:
Is 0x44 guilty of the Murder of BobTHJ?



Exhibit A, the definition of murder:
Murder is a Felony that consists of intentionally causing another  
Player's Hit Points to become nonpositive.

Exhibit B, the history of BobTHJ's Hit Points:

> Jan  9, 10/10 HP
> Jan 10, 8/10 (swarmed by Billy Pilgrim) --> therefore no auto- 
> healing for
> rest of nweek
> Jan 24, 6/10 (swarmed by 0x44) --> therefore no auto-healing for  
> rest of
> nweek
> Feb  6, 4/10 (stabbed by Codae)
> Feb  7, 2/10 (swarmed by Ivan Hope)
> Feb  7, 0/10 (swarmed by 0x44)

I must draw the conclusion that indeed the Player 0x44 intentionally  
caused the death of BobTHJ through his direct actions. Furthermore I  
determine that he did not act alone, indeed he was aided by his  
accomplices in crime Billy Pilgrim, Codae, and Ivan Hope, that slowly  
whittled down the victim's Hit Points until he was dead.

The court therefore finds the Player 0x44 guilty as charged.

As for his accomplices:
We (unfortunately) have no proof that the players Codae, Ivan Hope  
and Billy Pilgrim intended to cause BobTHj's death, but at the very  
least through their inconsiderate actions they have made it possible  
for 0x44 to strike the killing blow.

Exhibit C, the definition of Manslaughter:
Manslaughter is a Misdemeanor that consists of unintentionally  
causing another Player's Hit Points to become nonpositive.

The court therefore finds the players Ivan Hope, Codae and Billy  
Pilgrim guilty of Manslaughter

I now issue the following punishment:
A fine of m500 to be paid by 0x44.
A fine of m50 to be paid by Codae.
A fine of m50 to be paid by Ivan Hope.
A fine of m50 to be paid by Billy Pilgrim

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