Mike McGann on Wed, 6 Feb 2008 20:45:38 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Proposal: Meta-Sections

I submit the following proposals, titled "Meta-Sections":

An attempt to switch rule numbers around led to the passing of the proposals
that required the MoL to act without objection for all items listed in Rule
36 and to add persistent rule numbers. The objection requirement was
clobbered and reinstated because I was afraid that Codae was going to rename
all the rules "CREAMPUFF" :-) The problem now is that when new rules are
enacted, the no-objection requirement delays adding rules to sections. Let's
just get rid of sections as defined in the rules--they can still be
organized into sections as the MoL sees fit, but let's not have sections be
defined by the rules. Sections have no real impact on the game so let's make
this meta-game stuff.

Amend Rule 36 by removing the following text:
Rules may be contained in named Sections.
and by replacing the text:
The Rulekeeper may, as a Game Action without Objection, do any of the

* Create a Section.
* Remove a Section, causing all Rules in that section to no longer be
contained by a Section.
* Move a Rule into or out of a Section.
* Change a Rule's Title
The Rulekeeper may, as a Game Action without Objection, change a Rule's

- Hose
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