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[s-b] Ministry of Law report - nweek 138

Ministry of Law report - nweek 138

309: creates Field Match "B-Chess"
312: amends 4e34, amends 4e49
313: amends 4e7
314: creates 4e63 (Untitiled)
315: FAILED CHANGE - 4e15 already amended by Oracularity of Consultation #96
316: amends Field Match "Life"
317: gamestate changes only
318: amends 4e24
319: amends 4e18
320: amends 4e18
321: amends 4e48
322: creates 4e64 "Manslaughter"
323: amends 4e33
326: amends 4e11
327: destroys various blueprints, amends 4e24 (twice), creates 4d65 "Bodyguards"
328: amends 4e24 (twice - overrides change from 327), conditional
(neither 327 or 330 pass) false, creates 4e66 "Escaping the Grave",
creates 4d67 "Beyond the Grave", amends 4e61, creates blueprint
329: creates 4e68 "Socks", creates 4e69 "Dividends"
332: amends 4e18, amends Victory Condition "Win by Paradox"
333: amends 4e35
334: FAILED CHANGE - 4e47 does not contain the text to replace (4e37
was intended), amends 4e18, amends 4e21, amends 4e22, amends 4e32,
conditional ("Avoiding Verbosity" does not pass) false
335: amends 4e24
336: amends 4e54
343: creates 4e70 "Contracts"
344: creates 4e71 "Operant Conditioning"
345: amends 4e36
346: repeals 4e13
347: amends 4e61 (OVERRIDES CHANGE FROM 328)

One second after: 4e63 amends 4e41
Two seconds after: 4d63 repeals itself

The wiki should be up to date with the above changes.

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