Peter Cooper Jr. on Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:38:59 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] 115.11 Administrator's Update, Clock restarting

Hobojoe proposes "Real Estate" (p83).
bd proposes "filter (liftM2 (||) isProp isAmendProp)" (p84).
Optional proposes "'Amending a proposal' fix." (p85).
Antonio proposes "don't give points for proposals anymore" (p86).
Wonko proposes "Abstinence Pays Off" (p87).

Optional submits a Consultation "Is it valid for an element change
action to be submitted privately to the rule tag moderator?", naming
me as the Unbeliever. I assign this Consultation number 2, and select
Wonko as the Priest.

Andreas joins the game. Welcome!

So far, I've received votes from hobojoe, bd, Antonio, Optional,
comex, Wonko, and Andreas.

I turn on the Clock.

It is currently Zarpint, nday 11 of nweek 115, nyear 12 in the third
era of B Nomic. The ndelay is 0.
[[Note that the Clock on the wiki says that it's nyear 11. I believe
this to be in error based on the "Nyears" section of r2-1.]]

Peter C.
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